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Humo’s Rock Rally

As part of the prestigious Humo’s Rock Rally, Lenovo, the event’s principal sponsor, commissioned Suprette—a distinguished marketing agency based in Brussels—to innovate a unique trophy for the Public Choice Award winner. This collaboration resulted in a cutting-edge design that transcends traditional award aesthetics and functionality.

Suprette orchestrated a collaborative endeavor with Undefined and Maarten De Ceulaer, a renowned interior designer, to create this distinctive trophy. The design brief was clear: forge a trophy that not only symbolizes achievement but also dynamically interacts with the band’s engagement with their online community.

The resultant trophy is an advanced piece of interactive art. It operates on a mechanism where its physical form changes in response to the band’s online fan interaction. Specifically, the trophy emerges from its base as the band intensifies its engagement with its followers. Conversely, it withdraws into the stand when online interactions wane. This dynamic feature serves as a continual incentive for the winners to maintain and enhance their interaction with their fan base, reinforcing the trophy’s role as both a reward and a motivator.

This design cleverly mirrors the evolving landscape of music and technology, where digital engagement often parallels artistic success. It underscores the synergy between modern technology and traditional craftsmanship, setting a new standard for recognizing artistic achievements within the digital age.