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Onder Stroom

In 2018, I helped launch Onder Stroom, a unique venue nestled in an old buoy shed in Antwerp, Belgium. This venture was a collaborative effort with a vibrant group of friends and fellow artists. As a versatile collective, Onder Stroom served multiple purposes: it was a quaint event space, an open-air concert venue, an artists’ workshop, a co-working space, and a hub for alternative nightlife in Antwerp. Over its lifespan, we organized over 700 events, including art exhibitions, free jazz evenings, and some of the most gritty parties in the area, becoming a seminal platform for both local and international underground talents.

At Onder Stroom, our core mission was to create a safe and nurturing safe space for both visitors and artists alike. We aimed to provide a platform where young, emerging artists could freely experiment and flourish creatively. This initiative was about more than just showcasing art; it was about building a community that supports artistic growth and fosters a vibrant exchange of ideas, making art accessible and engaging for everyone involved. Through our efforts, we hoped to inspire and empower a new generation of creators, giving them the tools and confidence to explore their talents in a supportive environment.