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Spotlight – Arenberg

During the unprecedented challenges of the COVID-19 crisis, our team at Undefined was commissioned by the esteemed Arenberg Cultural Center in Antwerp to innovate a solution that would bridge the gap between live performances and remote audiences. In response, we developed a bespoke live streaming platform, meticulously crafting every aspect from the initial concept to the final graphic design and technical development.

This virtual stage was not merely a digital venue but a dynamic interaction space. We engineered the platform to not only stream high-quality live shows produced in collaboration with Arenberg but also to facilitate real-time interaction between performers and the audience. This feature ensured that the essence of live events—a palpable connection between the stage and spectators—thrived even in the midst of global social distancing mandates.

The platform’s intuitive design allowed for seamless audience participation, thus recreating the communal vibe of in-person events and maintaining audience engagement. Our holistic approach to this project included multiple successful shows that underscored the platform’s robustness and the rich cultural programming of Arenberg Cultural Center.

This initiative not only preserved but also revitalized the cultural exchange during a time when physical venues were inaccessible, demonstrating the resilience and adaptability of the arts through technology.

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