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Cultural Pro League

Zeg niet langer bar, maar zeg kantine.
Zeg niet zaal, maar zeg lounge.
Zeg niet stoelen, zeg tribune.
Zeg niet napraten, maar zeg de overwinning vieren.
Van de amateurs tot de profs, onze culturele clubs zijn wereldklasse.

In the summer of 2021, while the football Pro League played on, the government imposed a blanket ban on cultural events. Outraged by this seemingly arbitrary decision, we – a group of creatives at Onder Stroom – launched the Cultural Pro League. Our concept was simple: if we couldn’t host events, we’d turn ourselves into a satirical football league.

We designed football logos for many cultural venues, inviting major institutions to join our protest. Our bold stunt went viral, made national headlines, and even earned the approval of public health expert Mark Van Ranst.

Concept & Creation: Frederik van den Bril, Jasper Declerq, Undefined Designs: Ellen Verbiest, Mathias Van Thienen , Undefined & Kabinet Studio

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