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The Great Karaoke Reef

When tasked by the Waking Life crew to host a King of Pong event at their Portuguese festival site, we at Undefined decided to take a creative leap. Instead, we crafted The Great Karaoke Reef, a mobile karaoke installation, and traveled to Portugal to debut it at the festival.

Transforming a second-hand go-cart into a vibrant karaoke fully autonomous station, we adorned it with an artificial reef made from upcycled materials, skillfully designed by our friends at LMNT. To further enhance the thematic experience, Ellen Anthoni designed spectacular mermaid costumes from found objects, which our team proudly wore during the event.

The project was a collaborative effort, brought to life by Koray Sels, Vincent Peters, Bram van Bree, Frederik Van den Bril, Ellen Anthoni, and Simon Peters. Together, we provided a unique, interactive experience that resonated well with festival-goers, adding a colorful and melodious layer to the festival’s dynamic atmosphere.